There are a whole lot of benefits of sculpting your back. You not only stand taller but also get rid of hunch back problems. When you train your back, it works on weak spots that cause improper or poor posture. When you perform back exercises, it strengthens your muscles making your back stronger than before. As a result, you can lift more weight while doing the upper body workouts.

Importance of back exercises

The workouts for your back are best to target the arm muscles. When you bend your elbows so as to lift a weight, your biceps are getting trained, especially during pull-up or a row. In addition, you will also enhance your metabolism when you pay attention to your back. The posterior chain consists of large muscle groups and when you train more muscles, you also burn more calories. In order to strengthen the back, there are best of back workouts that work on the entire back.

  • Lat pull downs

This is a great workout for your back to increase muscle. Majority of bodybuilders follow this as they can get the maximum results out of this move. Do 12 reps and ensure that your body remains in the same position from start till the end.

To perform this workout, you need to sit down near a lat pull down station by grabbing the bar using an overhand grip. It should be above shoulder width. Pull your back and shoulders down without any torso movement and bring the bar below towards your chest. Hold on and return to the start position.

  • Deadlift

Deadlift is a great back workout when it’s performed right. This exercise targets your upper back muscles that also include traps, rhomboids, erector, lats and spinae. In order to perform this exercise, you need a loaded barbell to roll it on your shins. Bend towards your knees and hips and grab the bar using an overhand grip. Ensure that your hands are above shoulder width distance. Keep your lower back arched naturally, pull up the torso and thrust your hips in the front as you stand holding the barbell. The bar can be lowered towards the floor. Repeat.

  • Underhand barbell row

This exercise allows you to make use of more weight. Catch hold of a barbell using an underhand grip that is shoulder width. Try holding it at the length of your arms and lower the torso to ensure that is parallel to the ground. Now slowly bend your knees and hips. The bar should be hanging at arm’s length. Grab the bar towards your upper abs when you squeeze the shoulder blades altogether. Hold on and lower the bar and come back to the starting point.

Thus, these are some of the excellent back workouts that effectively strengthen your back. In addition to these workouts, incorporate healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle. If you have a weaker back, you fail to perform the basic activities on a day to day basis. Hence, you need to have a stronger back as it keeps you feeling fit and active.